finding & maintaining calm
 in the middle of a storm

Many people have talked with me lately about their inability to focus, restless sleep, and nervous feelings, and have expressed a desire for something to remedy these concerns. Years ago, I created a “Calm” blend to help someone who was afraid to do a presentation. He claimed it worked wonderfully, and it has been my go-to blend for calming ever since. Aromatherapy inhalers are a great way to use this blend. If you do not have an inhaler, you could simply reduce the number of drops, and put the oils on a cotton ball or tissue in a glass bowl, make a diffuser blend, or put them on aromatherapy jewelry.

Essential Oils:

   4 drops Lavender

   4 drops Cedarwood

   3 drops Bergamot

   2 drops Ghandi Root

Enjoy the essential oils for at least 5 slow, easy breaths, inhaling deeply & exhaling completely. Say to yourself, “I am calming.” and believe it! Feel your shoulders and the muscles in your face relax. Notice yourself feeling grounded, centered, and resilient.