• Development

    Evidence-based data for all stakeholders, healthcare departments, and committees. Creation of policies, procedures, guidelines and all education needed

  • Implementation

    Essential oil and vendor recommendations for targeted patient/client populations. Extensive staff education, including chemistry and interactions with medical conditions/medications

  • Support

    Customizable consultations to fit your needs. Consultations available in-person, via email, by telephone or through various virtual meeting platforms

Your Consultant

BSN, RN, HNB-BC, Clinical Aromatherapist

Denise Joswiak

Denise Joswiak is a board-certified holistic nurse. In 2011, she created the aromatherapy program for the Allina Health system starting with 14 hospitals, then collaborated on two years of retrospective research involving 21,554 nurse-delivered aromatherapy sessions showing decreases in pain, nausea, and anxiety. This inspired her to work with other healthcare sites and systems, providing patients with greater comfort and an improved experience. Denise speaks internationally about the effectiveness of aromatherapy and enjoys sharing information about this low-cost, high impact therapy.

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Why essential oils in patient care?

Research shows decrease in

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Testimonials by Allina Healthcare Professionals

“As a preop/PACU RN nurse I feel aromatherapy is an important weapon in our arsenal against nausea from anethesia. Aromatherapy is very effective to give prior to surgery not only to help prevent nausea but also for anxiety. I feel like the hospital’s image is more customer service oriented when we are able to give them aromatherapy.”

“The ability to offer aromatherapy as an adjunct to medications in the perioperative area greatly enhances patient satisfaction. I have seen a decrease in preop anxiety and less anti–nausea medication being used postoperatively. The patients love it.”

“Aromatherapy has been integrated in the patient’s pain and comfort plan. The patients and nursing staff work together to select the type of aromatherapy to provide health and healing. It is truly an essential benefit for the patient’s comfort and healing.”

“I had a patient that tried every kind of medication for nausea, and the medications weren’t helping. The ONLY thing that helped was the Ginger. It took the nausea away instantly. Amazing.”

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